An introduction to the life of theodore dreiser

Sister Carrie tells the story of a rudderless but pretty small-town girl who comes to the big city filled with vague ambitions. There he held a number of nondescript jobs, until he was rescued by a former teacher, Mildred Fielding, who paid his way to Indiana University at Bloomington for one year The Financier and The Titan are the first two novels of a trilogy dealing with the career of the lateth century American financier and traction tycoon Charles T.

For example, the Century Company severely truncated the original text of A Traveler at Fortyomitting over forty chapters and diluting many of the sequences that did appear in print.

An American Tragedy

A young man in a shabby furnished room describes his own and the other tenants' dreams, and asks "why. His only important literary achievement in this decade was the autobiography of his childhood and teens, Dawnone of the most candid self-revelations by any major writer.

It is not a mere story, not a novel in the customary American meaning of the word; it is at once a psalm of life and a criticism of life. Publishers often refused to print manuscripts as Dreiser wrote them.

In the meantime Sister Carrie was enjoying an underground reputation, particularly after the Dodge Company reissued it in Eventually, after playing mistress to several others, she achieves great success as an actress.

Editors substantially cut both fiction and non-fiction before publication. Another kind of education began when he landed a job as a reporter in Chicago. In NovemberDreiser led the National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners NCDPP to the coalfields of southeastern Kentucky, where they took testimony from coal miners in Pineville and Harlan on the pattern of violence against the miners and their unions by the coal operators known as the Harlan County War.

They ultimately separated inpartly as a result of Dreiser's infatuation with Thelma Cudlippthe teenage daughter of a colleague, but were never formally divorced. Dreiser suffered severe depression over the incident, and would not publish another novel until Jennie Gerhardt inagain based on family experiences and also controversial because of its moral content.

Other works include Trilogy of Desire, which was based on the life of Charles Tyson Yerkeswho became a Chicago streetcar tycoon. Dreiser's childhood coincided with the family's hard times. The task was completed inthe same year he married Helen.

Stubbornly insisting on the contractual terms, Dreiser forced publication, but Doubleday printed only a minimum run, sent no review copies, and made no advertising effort.

In Junetwo months before his twenty-first birthday, he wrote his first news story for the Chicago Globe. He came to reconsider his opposition to communism and wrote the anticapitalist Tragic America His father, a German immigrant, was a mostly unemployed millworker who subscribed to a stern and narrow Roman Catholicism.

One of his last acts was to join the American Communist Party. This story was the basis for the romantic movie My Gal Sal. Consequently, his earliest memories included the joblessness of his father and older siblings, as well as the constant search for economic stability. His father, a German immigrant, was a mostly unemployed millworker who subscribed to a stern and narrow Roman Catholicism.

University of Minnesota Press, The firm, however, did nothing to promote the sale or distribution of Sister Carrie. The task was completed inthe same year he married Helen. He began a career as a newspaper reporter in Chicago in and worked his way to the East Coast. His poem "The Aspirant" continues his theme of poverty and ambition: Yerkes, The Financier and The Titanfollowed.

In Dreiser married Sara Osborne White, a schoolteacher from Missouri, whom he had met when he covered the Columbian Exposition as a reporter for the St.

America's fruit growing industry, the meatpacking business in Chicago, modern art, the making of stained glass windows, and the photography of Alfred Stieglitz.

Theodore Dreiser (August 27, December 28, ) was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, and baptized as Herman Theodore Dreiser. He was the ninth of ten surviving children (three others died as infants) of Säräh Schanab and Johann Dreiser. If there is a modern movement in American prose writing, a movement toward greater courage and fidelity to life in writing, then Theodore Dreiser is the pioneer and the hero of the movement.

--from John Cowper Powys' Introduction to Notes on Life. Read more. About the Author. Theodore Dreiser, ( ), is one of the preeminent American novelists of the early twentieth century. His two best-known novels,Sister Carrie ().

Biography of Theodore Dreiser

Theodore Dreiser was born August 27, in Terre Haute, Indiana. The younger brother of Paul Dresser, a well-known songwriter, Theodore was a famous novelist known for his outstanding American writing of naturalism.

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This Library of America volume contains the novel that is the culmination of Theodore Dreiser’s elementally powerful fictional art. A tremendous bestseller when it was first published inAn American Tragedy takes as point of departure a notorious murder case of —one among many that Dreiser studied in preparation.

An introduction to the life of theodore dreiser
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