Introduction to counselling concepts

We take a closer look at the concepts of bereavement and look at ways of helping ourselves and clients work through loss.

Introduction To Counselling Concepts

It covers a variety of important social theories through which to understand human practices, identities and social structures. The practical placement experiences will be supported with supervision in a variety of formats.

To understand the source of reactive emotions that drive the pattern. Knowledge In everyday English, knowledge is what you know. A critical examination of the concept of addiction will consider why the use of some substances or behaviors is socially problematic and culturally contingent.

The subject also covers policy informing programs, and the dominant models for drug and alcohol counselling, including motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy CBT.

Examples of innovative community development programs in public housing, Indigenous communities, disadvantaged areas and cultural communities are an important part of this subject, and guest lecturers from the field will provide practical examples of community development.


Recognition of non FAMtrac trainings will be considered on an individual basis. The subject covers some techniques and methods for analyzing data, including discourse, thematic and narrative analysis.

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It assists students to understand the process of research, including developing proposals before undertaking research, specifying research questions, selection of the most appropriate research methods for the question, sampling, data collection, data analysis and reporting.

Let us write you a custom essay sample on Introduction to Counselling Concepts ORDER NOW If the counsellor intuits that the client is about to disclose something of magnitude, where Absolute Confidentiality may not be guaranteed, then he ought to tell the client such.

Knowledge and Skill In education, today, there is a tendency to contrast knowledge with skill. COUA Narrative Therapy In this elective, students will become familiar with key narrative concepts and there will be some comparison with ideas found in other modalities.

Stay Bereavement Counselling Skills Dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest challenges and transitions that we confront in life. The origins of the professional regulation of child welfare are examined, as well as the moral panic around child protection issues.

JNI offers a learning structure that fits your lifestyle, with a flexible balance of supported and independent study complemented by high quality study materials. This provides students with the opportunity to practice a range of activities such as case management, client services, program planning and development, individual and group assessment, advocacy and support work.

Yes, all JNI qualifications are nationally recognised and government-accredited. The subject provides students with an opportunity to develop their counselling skills in an interactive and supportive learning environment with feedback from others, and to begin considering their preferred counselling style.

Some preparation is also provided for working with clients in need of crisis intervention, such as suicide ideation, anxiety and depression, and goal setting.

The subject covers different forms of addictive behaviors that present in the community, including substance dependency alcohol, tobacco, prescription and illicit drugsproblem gambling, and compulsive sexual and eating behavior.

A full-time student can do up to 4 units and each unit consists of one 3 hour lecture per week. To expand and re-organize key emotional responses in the relationship.

Most units with the exception of fieldwork units require around hours of study per week. Sometimes we only discover much later in life that we have not dealt with our losses. The BACP is seeking to amend the law, and require all Counsellors to have a professional qualification before they can practice, in order to ease concerns over quackery in the industry.

In lieu of Counsellors and Clients, one can say Helpers and Helpees. Increasingly there is a trend toward professional certification and government registration of these services. These workshops have been designed to help you put your theoretical knowledge into practice, so you graduate with valuable practical experience.

Individuals in the relationship may adhere to different and unexamined value systems. This subject teaches students the required skills for dealing with grief and loss associated with the experiences of ageing, trauma, bereavement and relationship breakdown. If someone is knowledgeable about a subject, he or she can correctly answer lots of questions about it.

It includes definitions of mental health, mental health theories, risk factors and disorders. This subject introduces students to ethics from a variety of perspectives, including deontology and consequentialism, principlist and virtue ethics, narrative and communitarian ethics, and the ethics of self-care.

Changes in situations like financial state, physical health, and the influence of other family members can have a profound influence on the conduct, responses and actions of the individuals in a relationship. Graduate Diploma in Counselling Practice (GDIP) Introduction The Graduate Diploma in Counselling Practice course aims to equip social service professionals with the knowledge and skills essential to competent counselling.

Program Requirements. The Guidance Studies Diploma offers teachers and other professionals background information and basic skills and concepts in. This course gives you easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports, and many other disciplines.


The Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy programme is taught by means of interactive lectures and seminars, experiential skills workshops, small clinical supervision groups, and personal development work. By the end of this training participants should be able to: Define loss, Bereavement, Grief and Mourning; Describe some of the approaches used in dealing with loss.

This course introduces students to the theoretical and practical dimensions of working with and counselling young people who are addicted and are experiencing challenges associated with drug use.

Introduction to counselling concepts
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